Alexander Pillet

 And now read my detective story, the events of which happened right here.

The Performance

One fine day I saw Florent Green at Aldwych. He was a tall dancer with dark hair. That day he wore a black sweater, black trousers, black socks, shoes, and a black hat. He was a skillful dancer, and, as you know, Aldwych is a street with many theatres, and each needs good dancers. So at the Novella Theatre there was an audition for a new play called "The Artist”. So, I told him to go to the audition. He thought it was a good idea and went to the Novella Theatre.

He signed up and now he was waiting for his turn. He peaked at the other auditions. Every audition ended badly, because, either something heavy fell on the dancers or that man, named Mark Daniels, came and something bad happened. So Florent suspected that something was wrong with that man. Nevertheless, it was Florent’s turn and he started dancing. Everything was going well, but all of a sudden a sack fell almost from nowhere. But fortunately Florent dodged the sack. He realized that he would have to dance and be on alert. Fortunately, he was lucky and the stage director offered him the main role in the performance. Florent was pleased with the offer and accepted it.

He was about to leave the theatre, when he saw Mark slinking away. Florent followed him into the attic. He saw Mark took a sack and threw it down. Florent screamed in surprise. Mark turned around and saw Florent. Mark ran away.

The next day was excellent. His new colleges were kind but as the audition was going one and one of the experts fell ill, so he was asked to take his place. He knew that his friends Christine Jones and Andy Camden should come to the audition.

After work Florent practised his lines. But every time he thought about what Mark. And on top of that, Andy’s behaviour was also suspicious. From time to time he disappeared, but nothing wrong happens.

One day Florent followed Andy out of curiosity. Andy met a tall man wearing a disguise. Then the mysterious man went away, Florent followed him. The man went outside and then came up to the window of the room where the rehearsal was. He took a paintball out of his pocket and threw it into Christine and then disappeared. Christine went out of the room. Ben Ranger ran to the window and noticed Florent outside. Ben accused Florent of a crime. There was a long argument. When Christine returned she couldn’t believe it was Florent who had done it. Ben Ranger apologised to Florent.

The next day Florent found an article in the Daily Mirror about an incident. He was angry. He went to the publishing house and told them it was all a lie, but nobody believed him.

The next day was the day of the performance. Florent woke up early, took a shower, combed his hair and dressed up. He was thinking about Mark and the mysterious man. But soon he had forgotten about everything. He was concentrated his attention on the performance.

He danced brilliantly that day. The performance was going on well, but suddenly a sack fell down on his foot. Florent shouted out of pain and fell unconscious. When he recovered, he saw actors around him, some policemen and the correspondent of the Daily Mirror. Mark in handcuffs was also standing there.

The next day Florent read in the newspaper that the police had been chasing the criminal for quite a long time and the incident with Florence helped them to trace the criminal.

 Florent spent the rest of his life acting.

            But what happened to Mark is a different story.