Daniil Chasovskiy

An Unsolved Mystery

            On a sunny Wednesday morning I met with my friend Camilla in a café not far from Piccadilly Circus station. We have not seen each other for ages, so it was very nice to talk to her.

            She was wearing a very beautiful dress and her light brown hair waved in the light breeze. She had green eyes and they were very mysterious. She had a very gentle and kind character. I didn’t like to wear dresses, so I wore a top and shorts. Because it was really hot, my hair was neatly brought up into a bun.

            We talked for a very long time, and then, somehow, we brought up a talk about a very interesting museum, not far from the café, where we were. It was the ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not’ museum, where you could find the most extraordinary things, collected from all over the world.

            It was very surprising, when Camilla told me this amazing story.

            Not long ago she went to that museum with her boyfriend. It was about six o’clock in the evening and the sun was still seen. After having walked around the whole museum they were about to leave, when, suddenly, Camilla heard a voice. She turned around and realized that there was no one there, apart from a picture of a man, who had a big nose. She thought, she might have made a mistake, and ran after her boyfriend. As they walked down the corridor, Camilla saw something moving in the distance. She thought that was strange, as there were no people around. She was eager to see what it was, so she told her boyfriend she’ll come soon. Camilla ran down the corridor not to miss the one who was in the distance.

            At the end of the corridor, she found a turn and there was something unbelievable… There she saw all the exhibits talking… she fainted. After some time she opened her eyes and saw a statue of Winston Churchill above her head. He helped her to sit up… Camilla thought she was dreaming but after some time she noticed, that she was wrong. She was a brave girl, so she started talking to    them.

            They told her, that every day at half past six, twice a day, in the morning and evening, they come alive. They try to hide it but Camilla was very observant and  spotted them.

            They asked her not to tell anyone, and she agreed. Later on that day, when she was at home, she told her boyfriend about what happened earlier that day and they decided to find out why the exhibits come alive.

            They searched the web, but didn’t find any information. So, Camilla had an idea to go and talk to someone who works in the museum.
            However, that’s another story, she told me, and that she has to go… And I don’t know what happened either. But I will find out!

Seville Babaeva