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3. Vladislav Martynets   (13.09.2013 16:08) E-mail
Waterloo не до конца озвучен

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2. Vladislav Martynets   (02.09.2013 14:46) E-mail
I really liked Seville's voice. So funny. "Hello everyone!" biggrin
I want you to post something about Apple Store in London. That would be great. Thanks

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1. Alexander Pillet [Alexanderduck]   (05.03.2013 00:20) E-mail
My favorite street
I have many favorite streets, but the one I like most should most
probably be Oxford Street. I like it because there are many different shops:
from H&M to Hamley’s toy store, the Apple store to John Lewis. It’s always interesting
to see what shops have in display. My favorite store would be Hamley’s toy
store. There are many different toys and they are all different. There are card
tricks, action figures and many other toys. The toponymy of Oxford Street is
interesting. Ox means cow, ford means river crossing. So the toponymy of Oxford
Street is cow river Crossing Street. The geographical position of Oxford Street
is between Bond Street and Tottenham Court road.


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