Alena Zhitkova


     Unfinished Story

     It was the first day of March. The Westminster Abbey clock struck 11 o’clock. The sun in the sky was smiling at the people walking along the streets. It reflected in the windows of offices and houses. There weren’t many  people outside, most of them were at their offices or at schools.


     Maria, a Spanish tourist was walking along Victoria Street towards the New Scotland Yard. She was quite interested in London because she hadn’t been there before. The young woman was carrying a little dog in her bag. Nobody knew it was sitting there because it didn’t make a sound.


     At the same time Gary, a tall strong man with dark hair was hurrying home. It was his wife’s birthday and he wanted to make a surprise. The man decided to buy her a bunch of flowers and was looking for a nice present for her in one of the shops next to Victoria Street. He had his sunglasses on because it was very sunny.

     Gary saw Westminster Abbey on his left on his way to the shop. In the front he noticed a tall building and a moving cube not far from it. The building was faced with granite and looked very smart. A few policemen were walking along the building watching everything around them and sometimes speaking to each other. But it wasn’t the thing that impressed him. He knew it was the New Scotland Yard. Gary was amazed when he saw a young smiling woman in a really bright colourful dress waving in the wind. He didn’t see her before. The two people met while crossing the road. Gary was just about to get to the other side when suddenly he heard a lady shout "Help!”…