Seville Babaeva          Alexander Starovoytov


One day in Tottenham

     It was early morning. The birds were singing. The sun was shining. There was nobody in the streets. Mothers were cooking breakfasts, while children were getting up. A cat was walking on the roof and tried to catch the spots of sunlight. And suddenly it fell into the house through the opened window. There was a boy, who was getting up like other children. When he saw it he was a bit scared. He caught it and showed it to his Father, because he didn’t know what to do with it.

    The boy was called George. When he brought the cat to his father he went to have a shower. After the shower George went to the kitchen to have  breakfast. When he had finished his breakfast he went out of the house and went to  school. The district where he lived was called Tottenham. He knew that Tottenham was one of the most dangerous districts in London. There are many riots, fights and etc. And he tried to be very careful. But, it didn’t help him. George thought that it was a usual day. Suddenly, he heard some shouts along the street. He saw people carrying posters and they threw objects and shouted weird sentences, which George couldn’t understand. Then he saw a lot of police, who wore vests and shields. The police took a form of a big wall and they were sent to the crowd of  people. And then, they started to fight. So, a usual sunny morning was turned into the «hell». And he saw that his Mother was running to him…

And after the accident George’s family bought a new house in Notting Hill Gate. And he never walked alone in the streets until he didn’t become a grown up. And Tottenham remained one of the most dangerous districts in London.