Elizaveta Vasilyeva


It was winter. 

     It was snowing, the best time for having a rest in White City. However, White City not because of snow, but the buildings made of white stone. All around was fun, the people were too. But one man, who was walking along Bentworth road, was in a very strange mood.

    The old man was thinking about something. He was born in White City before it has become the place for visiting tourists.  In his childhood his friends and he were visiting the Olympic Stadium, which was built there. All their past time was spent there playing football and basketball. But then someone decided to pull it down and build a great building. It was a new block, which was named the BBC Recording Studio.

    It was the end of 1984 when the Olympic Stadium was demolished. "My friend and I were terribly upset about it” – the old man recalled observing the new streets – South Africa road, India Way and Commonwealth road. Suddenly something terribly has happened. After some time the men returned back to Russia and wrote in one of the newspapers’ issues: "There was a bomb blast which almost damaged the BBC building. Everything was in fire, I couldn’t see anything. Probably it was an attack by the Real IRA. The bomb went off on Wood Lane, in front of the Television Centre news building”. The incident took place in 2001.

     It  turned out that the man was a journalist.