Denis Marich

The Invasion on Strand

There lived a man whose name was David. David was a business man. His hobby was collecting stamps. He had a daughter called Sandy. Sandy was four years old she loved to play whit toys.  

One day they were walking down the Strand Street. Suddenly there was a big explosion. Then there was silence. People took out their phones and started recording what was happening in front of them. After a few minutes, an alien stood up from the hole on the ground. The alien was 30 miters tall and it looked like a giant tripod on his three long feet. The alien looked around whit his big eye and started attacking the people.

David took his daughter, ran to the closest phone box, and called the military. Then the alien looked at David and his daughter and began to chase them.

Soon Military forces arrived and started shooting at the alien but the guns were powerless against alien’s force field. The alien did not pay attention to the military and kept following David. David and his daughter found a place to hide. They were sitting in the basement of the Savoy Hotel, when suddenly David saw the alien’s long through the basement window. While running away David found three grenades in one of the turned upside down military cars. He thought he might use them to blow up the alien. So he told Sandy to stay down in the basement. He ran out of his shelter and started shouting to the alien, "Come on, get me!” Alien caught him and placed him in the cage, which was on his back. While alien kept attacking and destroying strand, David was thinking how to escape from the cage and suddenly he remembered, that he had forceps with super blades in his pocket. He started cutting down the metal bars of the cage. When he finally finished, David placed the grenades at the back of alien’s head and activated them. Then he jumped out of the cage and ran away as fast as he could. In five second - "BOOM!” The alien exploded and flew apart in million pieces.  

That was the day when David saved London from the alien invasion. And though while jumping from the cage David broke his right arm and right leg, he soon recovered. And his daughter went to visit him at the hospital.

By the way, Boris Johnson had to spend a lot of money to rebuild the Strand.