Pelageya Selyakova
 And now read the magic story which happened right over there.
A Friend in Need 
Once upon a time, there lived a boy called Fin. He lived with his dad, as his mum was seriously ill and stayed in a hospital. Their fairly small, old house without light was in the street known as Waterloo.

One fine day, a letter, from the hospital where his mum was in, has arrived. It said that more money was needed for medicine. Fin’s father gave away all the money he could, but it still wasn’t enough. Fin’s father worked days and nights, but he didn't manage to have enough money. Fin thought hard, how he could help his father raise some extra money. But as Fin was only a child, he couldn’t really get a job.

But Fin had a talent. He could play the flute really well. Suddenly an excellent idea came to Fin's mind: ‘If I go to the Waterloo  station with my flute, I could play and help my parents by earning some money!’

Deep down in the basement, Fin found his old flute, them gave it a good clean to clean all the dust. Then, he took a hat for the passengers to put the money in, and then, went to the train station.

The flute Fin owned wasn't just an ordinary flute, it was a magic flute. But the funny thing was that Fin didn't know about this! He found a place where everybody could see him. He started to play the magical instrument. Loads of people at the time were rushing to go on the train, but when they heard Fins' music, they paused and listen to his magic flute. Then they started dropping coins into his little hat. After some time, an old woman came up to him. 'Wow! You play beautifully! But could you please let me hold it for a bihave a look at your flute. I just want to see it a bit closer? It sounds is a bit strange' - she said.

The boy cautiously gave her the flute. At that very moment the train frome Edinburgh arrived and passengers overcrowded the platform. Fin's  attention was distracted for just a few seconds, but when he turned bach to the woman, she  had disappeared. He realised that the old woman had stolen the flute! He stood there hardly able to comprehend what had just happened. 

Suddenly, someone tugged him by the shoulder. Fin turned around to see a young, fair haired girl.

'Hello. My name's Kate. What's yours?' she asked politely. Fin introduced himself.  'Where's the flute?!'  asked Kate. Fin explained that it had just been stolen by an old woman.

'Oh no!' exclaimed Kate. 'That old woman is the evil sorceress Mrs. Evil! She wants to gather 3 magical items: a pendant, matches, and a magic flute. She needs them, so that she could dominate the world! If you put these items together in a magic box, it would fulfill your wish. The box is located somewhere near the train station and it looks like an ordinary fire box. She has stolen the magic pendant from me. We must find her before she finds the magic matches and finishes her evil quest!' 

'Then lets find the sorceress and stop her' said Fin. Then they went to the backyard and herd someone crying. It was a little kitten. They wondered what a little cat would be doing back there. Kate took the kitten in her arms, 'Why are you crying?'

The cat answered, 'Please, let me introduce myself. My name is Tom.'

The two children introduced themselves too.  Then the cat began to tell them his story.

'I presume you know about the evil sorceress Mrs. Evil?' 

'Yes, we do. She has stolen Fin's flute and my pendant!' said the girl.

'Well, Mrs Evil turned me into a cat and took the magic matches.'

The three of them ran together to find the magic box. While they were running, Fin decided to tell them about his current situation, about his mum laying in hospital, and that he wants his mum to get better more than anything else in the world.

Then, Kate had an idea, 'Why don't we wish your mum to get better? Tom agreed with her. All of a sudden, they were stopped by two policemen that were obviously under a spell.

"We won't let you pass anywhere! Because we are, apparently, very evil."

But the cat decided to trick the two policemen. He said to them, "Have you ever gotten thanked?"

"No" replied the policemen.

"We'll if you let us pass, then you will hear a thank you in return" the police were very happy and decided to let them pass. "Thank you, you kind people" 
Then Fin said, "Let's go and find the sorceress. We need to find her quickly!"

When they almost got to the end of Waterloo Road, they spotted the sorceress. She was in the middle of an incantation. A strong wind started, and it was impossible to walk. But they carried on walking. They were holding each other's hands. It was almost impossible to go against the wind, but they carried on. And the wind surrendered. It stopped blowing. And the evil sorceress disappeared. Tom said,

"We're friends now, right? And friends help each other when in need. Mrs Evil won't defeat us, because together we are a strength. The good always defeats the evil. I know how to stop her! She has an Achilles' heel. If you say kind words to her, she will melt. But for that to work, we need to get up close to her".

And they ran towards the magic box.  When they found Mrs Evil, they saw her putting the magic items in the box.

She looked at them and said, "You'll never be able to make a wish! Try and stop me first!" The cat screamed to reminded us to say the kind words.

Fin said, "Kind, lovely Mrs Evil, you've learned how to help people!"

Kate said "Happy and kind Mrs Evil, you can even tell good stories".

And a miracle happened. The witch started to melt slowly. The cat added, "Mrs Evil, you will always be kind and thoughtful". 

So, Mrs Evil vanished. Everyone was happy, they defeated the evil witch. Fin made the wish, so that his mum would get better. And it worked. On that same day, the ambulance discharged his mum. All the doctors were surprised, how a terminally ill woman could get cured. Only Fin, Kate and Tom knew the true story of how she got cured. And they became true, kind friends. And they often came gathered together at Fin's house to drink tea and eat yummy cakes, which his mum baked for them.