Grade 5: Liza Franzmane, Kate Sokolova,
Anna Kramarenko, Konstantin Gusov,
Daniel Shadrin, Alexey Colley

 Read the Unfinished Story and think what might have happened to the girl in Covent Garden. Right here 
The Unfinished Story

It was dark. The blackness around her was so mysteriously dark, that you could see ugly scary faces, which were looking with hatred at you. Somewhere in the distance the happy music was playing, but it was too dark to see where the music came from.

As Katie was walking home, she heard the music in the distance and really wanted to find out what was going on. Katie was a young girl with dark-brown hair made into two untidy plats. She was from a poor family, which was small, consisting of three members: her, her dad and her little brother Jack.

Early in the morning her dad sent her to London to find some money, but, as she was only a little girl, she was not able to find money, and that was the most terrible thing, because her father had told her, that if she didn’t bring the money, he would punish her. Katie was in a horrible state: she didn’t want her father to beat her, but she didn’t also want her brother to stay with the angry father at home.

          As she didn’t know where she was, she decided to head for the music, that she could steal faintly hear in the distance. Suddenly she heard a hollow voice behind her. Horror fell on her…
Grade 7