Margarita Whittaker

Winter Story

     It was an early, misty morning in the district of Knightsbridge. The town was only just waking up. Hyde park was very quiet and mysterious. You could hear occasional runners having an early exercise or a person walking their dog. The town itself was very quiet – the night buses were finishing their rounds of the city and some people were opening their shops. And an occasional car would zoom down a street.


     A young man named James had just woken up from a long and nice sleep. He got up and had breakfast and did all the usual things every person would do on an early morning. He was getting ready to go to work and was just about to leave the house when he heard a shriek and someone shouted – ‘’Help!’’


     He ran up to the window to see what was going on outside and all he could see out of it was the misty town and a woman standing next to the wall and a man in dark clothes running off into the distance with her belongings.


     He got out of the house as fast as he could ran down the stairs and phoned the police. He got to the woman and helped her up by that time the police had arrived. The woman started to explain the situation to the police meanwhile James listened in and heard everything – what the man looked like what he had with him and what his was wearing. 


     Once the police told the woman that they could do to find this man James set off to work. He worked as a stock man in one of the most famous shops called ‘’Harrods’’. He got to the shop and walked in and went to do the usual things he does as a stock man. A van arrived with new things for the shop to sell. As he helped the man carry all the boxes into the stock room of the shop, as he walked into the room he saw a dark figure in the back of it. He remembered that he left the door open so that he could bring the boxes in the room. The man came out of the darkness and only just realized that James saw him. He stared pop eyed at James who stared at him in the same way. 


     James looked at the man and saw every detail the woman had described earlier that day: broad shoulders, dark brown hair sticking out of his mask, brown eyes, in a dark green jacket and dark green trousers. Meanwhile the other man carrying the boxes walked into the room and immediately dropped the boxes and called the police. In a few minutes the police arrived and arrested the man. He was sent to jail and all the things that he had stolen were returned to their rightful owners.