Ivan Kulakov

And now read the beginning of the story which might be entittled "Home Alone" and think of your own ending. And remember it happened write over there.  

It was a rainy day... 


     All the people in the street were hurrying to their jobs. The day was so gloomy.

     Little James was left home alone. He wasn’t afraid at all, in fact he liked staying at home all by himself, but the weather was so unfriendly, that he felt quite strange. He was sitting on his bed looking on the tall grey walls of his room. He was wearing dark-blue pyjamas.

     Shivering, James got out of his warm bed and headed over to the window. His parents often went out to the park and didn’t return till late. James would often look after himself, making his own meals, when he was hungry, and entertaining himself, usually by helping himself to the books in his father’s large library. Today, however, he decided to stay in his room, the blackness all around him scaring him more, than he wanted to admit.

      Suddenly the silence was broken with a knock on the door. He thought it was his friend Max, but, when he opened the door, he saw a short man standing in front of him. The man said, he was the friend of the family, but James had never seen him before…

Grade  7