Aksiniya Elovik

And now read my magic story.
The Magic of Portobello Road

      London, December. The city is covered with snow. Londoners weren’t ready for that amount of it: traffic almost stopped, most people didn’t have warm clothes. But one fact saved them from sad wintery thoughts and feelings. The most wonderful holidays were coming: Christmas and New Year. People bought presents for their friends and relatives, beautiful clothes to celebrate the events. There are any places in London to shop for gifts: Oxford Street, Bond Street, High Street Kensington, Shepherd’s Bush… But if you want to buy something unusual you should visit Portobello Road. This street always has antiques, exotics things to sell. I want to tell you a story that’s somehow connected with this street, which markets are quite old.

      Mrs. Morgan lived near Portobello Road. She was about sixty years old. She had grey, sad, lonely eyes. Her lips were small, her nose was like little mouse’s nose. The old lady wasn’t tall. No one knew a lot about her, but it was clear, that Mrs. Morgan was lonely. Her husband died 20 years ago, he fell of a horse. She didn’t have any children, or they never visited their mother. Mrs. Morgan wasn’t rich she lived in a small house in Notting Hill. Her living was simple, she spent her afternoons reading newspaper and stroking her fat cat Markiz. The cat was so lazy, that it didn’t even catch any mice. Mrs. Morgan had a higher education, or two. She was a very interesting person.

     One day Mrs. Morgan was sitting near the window. She watched the snow slowly covering the earth, like a white carpet. She thought a bout her life and realized, that nobody will ever say her again: "Merry Christmas!” She had subdued, that she’s lonely many year ago. So Mrs. Morgan decided to make herself happy and buy a Christmas present. She put her hat and coat on and left her house. The old lady unhurriedly walked to Portobello Road. The snow lied down on her grey hair. The wind blew in her kind face, which expressed stillness and a little happiness. When Mrs. Morgan reached Portobello Road, she saw, that it was crowded. People of different nationalities were there: Chinese, American, Russian, Asian. They were chatting, taking pictures, buying different things. The atmosphere was so busy, that even doves were restless. They flew from one roof to another searching for something to eat.
     Mrs. Morgan was a bit astonished – when she visited Portobello Road last time it looked a lot different. Mrs. Morgan walked and looked for something to buy. Her eyes stopped on a little store. It’s name was Morgan’s. It was very surprising for her to find a shop with the same name as her surname. She immediately went to see who’s the shop’s owner and what goods are sold there. The shop looked neatly and tidy. Most likely in was new. As we know Christmas was coming. At this time magic things can happen. Don’t think that only children believe in miracles and wonders. Everyone believes in them, but some people do, somewhere very deep in their souls. When Mrs. Morgan was entering the Morgan’s shop, she felt, that something special is about to happen with all her heart. In a few seconds she appeared in a warm room. Mrs. Morgan could feel the smell of old books, coffee and wool. She saw an old lady sitting near the cash – desk. She was about to say: "Good morning, how can I help you?” instead of that she stood still looking in Mrs. Morgan’s grey eyes. Mrs. Morgan at the same time couldn’t believe her grey eyes. She had a feeling, that she’s looking in a mirror. The shop’s owner had the same eyes, cheeks, ears… There was a minute of silence, two women were afraid of ruining it.

     This meeting changed the fates of two people. Mrs. Morgan found her twin! This Christmas she wasn’t alone. Starting from that day she spent her life with her sister and her family.