Masha Sycheva

Unlucky Shopping

    It was early in the morning. The sun was rising slowly lighting the opening shops. Buses were already going through  Regent Street. Though it was early the first crowds were already thronging the long street.

      Mike was a tourist from Russia. This morning his target was to go through Regent Street and even buy something.

     When he saw Hamleys he was quietly shocked. He had never seen such big shops and the most extraordinary thing was that only toys were sold there. Mike went in and after some time he was leaving with a big soft bear and a lot of excitement. 

     Next was the apple store and he wanted to buy an  iPhone 5. He bought it and went out to make more purchases. But as he was getting hungry he went in to a café to have his lunch. While sitting in the café he decided to look at his new iPhone. He unwrapped it from the box and turned on. The café had got its own wifi so he spent some time sitting in the café drinking coffee and surfing in the internet. After an hour he went out and went through the street shopping again. When he realized that he had forgotten his iPhone on the table in the café. He was very disparate and went back in hope to find it but there was nothing laying on the table. The last hope was that one of the waiters fetched it to the manager. So he went to the manager and asked if he had it. And when manager said he got it Mike was very happy. This was a lesson for him and he never after lost anything.

Azarov Alex